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When Someone Dies

What to Say After Someone Dies

We care about our friends and family when they're grieving, but what do we say or do when a friend is overwhelmed by sorrow?

Moisture Hair Tips

10 tips to put moisture back in your hair

Put moisture, lustre and bounce back into your hair.

What does friendship mean to you?

We asked our readers what friendship meant to them – here are some of our favourite responses.

Improve Brain and Nervous System

Nutrients to help improve your brain and nervous system

One of the best ways to preserve your brain and nervous systems is to give them a constant supply of essential nutrients.

15 low carb dieting tips

15 low carb dieting tips

Reach your healthy weight goal with these smart carb tips.

Kilojoules you need in a day

How many kilojoules do you need to eat in a day?

How much nutritional energy, or kilojoules, do you need to eat in a typical day? Here are some guidelines for working out what your body needs each day