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Instant Answers: Tweens

Instant Answers: Tweens

Before 1987 we passed through two stages before becoming an adult: childhood and teenage years. Now there’s a third social group “in between” kids and teens: tweens.

Mr T Rex

That's Mr T-Rex to you!

Inspired as a child by a toy dinosaur in a cereal box, palaeontologist Philip Currie has dedicated his life to digging up bones and fossils.


15 Strange (but True) Facts about Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte died May 5, 1821 on the island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic. Just as his military genius has been studied throughout the years, we've also been fascinated with the life – and quirks – of the first emperor of France. Here are 15 things you probably didn't know about Napoleon:

The Origins of Superstitions and Lucky Charms

The Origins of Superstitions and Lucky Charms

All around the world, many people still believe that the supernatural intervenes in everyday life. Where do these ideas come from?

Paperclip for a house

How one man swapped a paperclip for a house

Take two vegetarians from Vancouver, a ceramic artist from Seattle, a shock-rock legend, a TV star turned Hollywood producer, a town with an impish sense of humour, a whimsical quest dreamed up by a 25-year-old free spirit, mix them together and what do you get? One of the most improbable swaps imaginable: a paperclip for a house.


It's Never Too Late: How I Ran Away With the Circus

Volunteering his expertise to help isolated students led a delighted John Smyth into the lion’s den.

Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Immigrant Turned Brain Surgeon

He was an illegal immigrant making a living picking tomatoes. Now Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa excels in a different field — as a top brain surgeon.

The Children Who've Lived Before

The Children Who've Lived Before

Professor Jim Tucker thinks that past lives are possible. Here are three startling accounts.